Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cookies & MIlk

A few weeks ago my sister in law ( Bre ) and I gave my other sister in law ( Jesee follow me ??) anyways we got to throw a baby shower for her! Have you ever given anyone a baby shower and they didnt know what they were having ?? Super hard! So they wanted to be surprised and Jesee left all the details up tp Bre and I. We both love Gray and Yellow together right now, and they could both be used for gender neutral.
Jesse's one request was to make it simple.. so we went with a cute cookie and milk theme. 
We were able to call a local elementary school and buy some cute cartons of milk , you know that ones you used to drink at school ? well they will sell them to you for .50 cents ! They were a hit!!
Baby Showers are so fun!! Congrats Jesse! & Thanks for your help Bre :)
Love Pink Pickle

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