Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vintage Boy Baby Shower

This last weekend was my little sisters baby shower. She is having a boy and is so excited! We love pinterest at our house and have been looking for ideas for months for this shower ! Our inspiration came from ( she is amazing btw if you have time check out her site.. but warning you could be there a while! ) Its great because it can be used for a boy or girl really. This is where we got the idea..
my SISTER kARISSA C. CAN make anything as far as food goes. if you show her a picture of a cake she can match it ! She made the same cake and with a little twist here was our outcome..

Wish i could of taken better pics .. but when all you have is your camera phone you make it work!! Here are some more pics of the fun day right before all the guest arrived..

One of the fun things about doing showers is you get to spend tons of time in the kitchen together baking and making pom pom balls at midnight.. its hard to see in the pictures but we had cupcakes small and large , brown brownies with white sprinkles chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips we also had macaroons dipped in chocolate and mini sandwiches and in the brown paper bags with doily on the front were potato chips  .

Congrats Karissa C. Im so excited for you and your sweet baby boy to be born!
Love Pink Pickle

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  1. I can't even tell that is your mom's house. You totally transformed it. Save the date for when BAILEY GETS MARRIED OR HAS A KID. You are the party chick of the century!